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Executive Summary

Founded in 1990, the Watts Century Latino Organization (WCLO) is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to supporting the development of healthy neighborhoods and self-sufficient families. Working with public and private sector agencies, we engage in comprehensive community development projects and programs that promote: Civic Action and Engagement; Community Economic and Human Development; Educational Access & Improvement; Community Safety and Wellness; and Cultural Awareness, Equity and Unity.

These broad strategies and service areas have been developed over 23 years in response to serious disparities faced by the Latino residents of South Los Angeles including the greater Watts community. The Latino population is approaching 75% of the community and is characterized by the usual disproportionate indices of poverty including dilapidated housing, low wage employment, high unemployment, under-performing public schools, poor access to essential health and human services, and high incidents of crime and interpersonal violence.