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.: Watts Community Wellness Initiative :.

The purpose of this initiative is to build a network of civic, corporate, and philanthropic advocates to maximize services to the community. Our goal is to create a comprehensive service delivery network that provides access to essential resources such as affordable health care, family counseling, quality education, childcare, legal counseling, conflict mediation, training and employment.

Parents And Students Organized (PASO)

We strive in building a powerful Latino and African-American parent and student organization capable of working cooperatively with schools and community leaders to insure local schools meet the holistic needs - health, social, economic, political needs- of youth and families in Watts.  This project focuses on Academic Achievement, Inter-Ethnic Conflict, Campus Safety, Parents/School Relations and Community/Schools Relations. In addition, WCLO through Parents And Students Organized (PASO) project provide inter-ethnic Leadership Development Training Sessions aim to unite, inform, educate and prepare parents and students to become better consumers, advocates, and supporters of public education. This project is focused on Parents and Students from Markham Middle School, Jordan High School, and feeder schools.

Community Computer Lab

Access to 26 high-speed internet connected computer lab and is open daily for youth and their families. Our computer lab is accessible to the community at large and free. Our computers are used for employment search, student research projects, homework, resumes, etc. Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for youth and adults from the Watts community.

After School Tutorial Program

This is a well, structured tutorial program where students receive individualized assistance in Reading, Language Arts, Writing, and Mathematics.  Assessments and Learning Plans are designed from a full range of Internet-based computer software and textbooks. Our goal is to provide the student with the necessary tools for academic success.

WCLO provides these services in partnership with our sister organization "Say Yes To Life".

Youth Leadership Development & Violence Prevention Project

This project consists of an 8-week class cycles; which serves a selective group of 25 to 50 youth, ages 12 to 18 attending local middle and high schools and from the community. Youth get involved in a constructive dialogue about the root causes of gangs and violence and its impact in our youth, family, and community.  Students learn how politics and participation or the lack of it, affect our neighborhoods, violence prevention techniques, how leaders are made, how to get access to college, educational fieldtrips, and receive assistance to improve academic and life skills.

Community Forums

The community forums are to inform and educate local residents about how to get access to resources and services available. As well as opportunity to hear from the community about relevant issues such as: Education, Violence Prevention, Affordable Housing, Employment, Public Services, Health Issues, etc…